Editorial Policy

Review policy: All submitted manuscripts will be peer reviewed usually as double blind manner or open as it is appropriate.
1. An editor is assigned for every manuscript received. An initial screening is done and a decision is reached about formal peer-review of the manuscript based on its quality and suitability of publication in this journal.
2. For peer-review of the manuscript, two reviewers are asked to review the paper.
3. The editor(s) reach a decision on accepting or rejecting the paper by taking into consideration the reviewers’ comments, quality of the manuscript and editorial priority of the journal.
4. The decision is communicated to the author(s).
5. The average duration of the peer review process is approximately 2 to 4 months usually.

Originality of the articles: The article(s) must not be previously or simultaneously published or under consideration for publication in any other scientific journal, except in the form of an abstract or review. Every effort is made by the members of the editorial board to avoid inaccurate, misleading and duplicate information within the individual article that also includes plagiarism check. However, it is the sole responsibility of the author(s) for such scientific fraudulent act and the members of the editorial board shall accept no liability whatsoever for the consequences of any such act. During manual submission, the declaration should be made by signature of all authors and have to be sent at the time of submission of revised manuscript.

Ethical aspects: All manuscripts of the original articles or case report must have ethical clearance from the appropriate authority, e.g. Institutional Review Board (IRB), and/or consent from the patients as appropriate for the scientific work. Written permission from appropriate authority should be obtained if the manuscript contains any table, data, figure or illustration that had been previously published in other journal. The letter of permission should be submitted with manuscript to the editorial board if asked.

Editors rights: The editorial board reserves the rights to change the writing into customary style and, if necessary, to shorten the material accepted for publication and to determine the priority and time of publication.

AuthorshipAuthorship must be clearly stated and in descending order depending on the contribution on the paper. Irrelevant person(s) or without any contribution, e.g. gifted, guest or ghost authorship, are not allowed as co-authors and this will be treated illegal.

Competing interestsThis journal requires authors to declare any competing financial or conflict of interest in relation to their work.