Complaints Policy

Haematology Journal of Bangladesh is committed to take each complaint with seriousness and to handle it professionally. The fields of complaints include the followings-

  1. Authorship complaints,
  2. Plagiarism,
  3. Duplicate, multiple, concurrent publication,
  4. Misappropriation of research results,
  5. Allegations of research errors and fraud,
  6. Violations of research standards,
  7. Undisclosed conflicts of interest, and
  8. Reviewer bias or acts of harm out of the competition by reviewers.

If you have any complaint or appeal about any issue, please, clearly explain the basis addressing the Editor in Chief or the President of the Haematology Society of Bangladesh (publishing authority) at –

We are committed to investigate any complaint with necessary action as quickly as possible, like withdrawal or removal of the paper from publication (if published) or banning the author in the journal for future. However, the intensity of the problem can be reduced by acknowledging them at the right time. Unless there is any issue of plagiarism, misconduct or conflict of interest, the published paper will not be removed. Final decisions are conveyed to the complainant.